Oro tvarkymas

Dr. Thomas Caesar
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies KG, Germany
E-Mail: thomas.caesarProtected mail-address@freudenberg-filter.com
Phone: +49 62 01 80 25 96

Published Guidelines:
Doc. 30 - Guidelines on Air Handling in the Food Industry (2005).
This document will be replaced in 2016 by Doc. 47 - Guidelines on Air Handling Systems in the Food Industry - Air Quality Control for Building Ventilation.

Kepyklų įranga

Dr. Gerhard Hauser
E-Mail: gerhardwrhauserProtected mail-address@yahoo.de
Phone: +49 89 3 19 12 67

The experts team is working on a new guideline draft.

Pastatų projektavimas

Dr. John Holah
Holchem Laboratories Ltd, United Kingdom
E-Mail: john.holahProtected mail-address@holchem.co.uk
Phone: +44 1706 23856

Published Guideline:
Doc. 44 - Hygienic Design Principles for Food Factories (2014)

Valymas ir dezinfekavimas

Dirk Nikoleiski
Mondelez International, Germany
E-Mail: dnikoleiskiProtected mail-address@mdlz.com
Phone: +49 89 6 27 38 61 14

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.

Valymas vietoje

Hein Timmerman
Sealed Air div. Food Care, Belgium
E-Mail: hein.timmermanProtected mail-address@sealedair.com
Phone: +32 495 59 17 91

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.

Valymo patvirtinimas

Hui Zhang
Unilever, The Netherlands
E-Mail: hui.zhangProtected mail-address@unilever.com
Phone: +31 10 4 60 63 05

Published Guideline:
Doc. 45 - Cleaning Validation in the Food Industry – General Principles (2016)

Konvejerių sistemos

Jon Kold
JK Innovation, Denmark
E-Mail: jon.koldProtected mail-address@jk-innovation.dk
Phone: +45 40 57 13 46

Published Guideline:
EHEDG Doc. 43 - Hygienic Design of Belt Conveyors for the Food Industry (2016)

Projektavimo principai

Dr. Jürgen Hofmann
Ingenieurbüro Hofmann, Germany
E-Mail: jhProtected mail-address@hd-experte.de
Phone: +49 8161 8 76 87 99

Published Guidelines:
EHEDG Doc. 8 - Hygienic Equipment Design Criteria (2004)
EHEDG Doc. 10 - Hygienic Design of Closed Equipment for the Processing of Liquid Food (2007)
EHEDG Doc. 13 - Hygienic Design of Equipment for Open Processing (2004)
EHEDG Doc. 18 - Chemical Treatment of Stainless Steel Surfaces (2014)
EHEDG Doc. 39 - Design Principles for Equipment and Process Areas for Aseptic Food Manufacturing (2009)

The Working Group is currently working on the update of Doc. 8.

Sausų medžiagų tvarkymas

Karel Mager
The Netherlands
E-Mail: karel.mager@gmail.com
Phone: +31 6 53 70 40 02

Interim Chair:
Gabrie Meesters
The Netherlands
E-Mail: gabrie.meestersProtected mail-address@dsm.com
Phone: +31 1 52 79 24 34

When EHEDG started in 1989 there most of the knowledge available was about liquid handling and liquid processing equipment. Also the design principles were known but not written down as practical guidance documents for engineers in the food industry. In addition, there were no standard test methods to establish the cleanability, pasteurisability and sterilisability of equipment. In the following years a couple of documents about test methods and design principles where published.

In the area of dry particulate materials (powders) there was a need for similar documents: design principles and guidance for hygienic engineering for the safe processing of dry particulate materials.

The Working Group started in 1998 and has published several documents since then.

Published Guidelines:
Doc. 22 - General hygienic design criteria for the safe processing of dry particulate materials (2014)
Doc. 26 - Hygienic engineering of plants for the processing of dry particulate materials (2003)
Doc. 31 - Hygienic engineering of fluid bed and spray dryer plants (2005)
Doc. 33 - Hygienic engineering of discharging systems for dry particulate materials (2005)
Doc. 36 - Hygienic engineering of transfer systems for dry particulate materials (2007)
Doc. 41 - Hygienic engineering of diverter valves in process lines for dry particulate materials (2011)

Žuvies apdorojimo įranga

Dr. Sanja Vidacek
University of Zagreb, Croatia
E-Mail: svidacekProtected mail-address@pbf.hr
Phone: +385 14 60 51 26

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.

Maisto šaldymas

Kostadin Fikiin
Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
E-Mail: agfProtected mail-address@tu-sofia.bg
Phone: +359 2 965 33 22

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.

Pašalinės dalelės

Olivier Ronduin
DOCEOR, France
E-Mail: rondouinolivierProtected mail-address@yahoo.fr
Phone: +33 782 64 21 69

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.

Apdorojimas karščiu

Bengt Eliasson
Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB, Sweden
E-Mail: bengt.eliassonProtected mail-address@tetrapak.com
Phone: +46 46 36 55 68

Published Guidelines:
Doc. 1 - Microbiologically safe continuous pasteurization of liquid food (1992)
Doc. 6 - The microbiologically safe continuous flow thermal sterilisation of liquid foods (1993)
Doc. 12 - The continuous or semi-continuous flow thermal treatment of particulate foods (1994)

The Working Group is currently updating Doc. 1 and 6.

Higieniško integravimo sistemos

Dr. Roland Cocker
Cocker Consulting, Ireland
E-Mail: r.cockerProtected mail-address@gmail.com
Phone: +353 21 2 34 82 12

Published Guideline:
Doc. 34 - Integration of Hygienic and Aseptic Systems (2006)


Andreas Adam
FRAGOL Schmierstoff GmbH+Co. KG, Germany
E-Mail: a.adamProtected mail-address@fragol.de
Phone: +49 208 3 00 02 62

Published Guidelines:
Doc. 23 Part 1 and 2 - Production and use of food-grade lubricants (2009)

Konstrukcinės medžiagos

Eric Partington
Nickel Institute
E-Mail: ericProtected mail-address@effex.co.uk
Phone: +44 1285 61 00 14

Published Guideline:
Doc. 32 - Materials of construction for equipment in contact with food (2005)

Mėsos apdorojimas

Marija Zunabovic
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
E-Mail: marija.zunabovicProtected mail-address@boku.ac.at
Phone: +43 1 47654 75447

This Working Group will be started soon.

Mechaniniai sandarikliai


Susanne Berezin
Huhnseal AB
E-Mail: susanne.berezinProtected mail-address@huhnseal.com
Phone: +46 418 44 99 40

Thomas Böhm
EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co. KG
E-Mail: thomas.boehmProtected mail-address@de.eagleburgmann.com
Phone: +49 8171 23 10 48

Published Guideline
Doc. 25 - Design of mechanical seals for hygienic and aseptic applications (description, design features and layout (2002)

The Working Group is currently updating Doc. 25.

Pakavimo įrengimai

Dr. Peter Golz
VDMA, Germany
E-Mail: peter.golzProtected mail-address@vdma.org
Phone: +49 69 66031656

Published Guidelines:
Doc. 3 - Microbiologically safe aseptic packing of food products (1993)
Doc. 11 - Hygienic packing of food products (1993)
Doc. 21 - Challenge tests for the evaluation of the hygienic characteristics of packing machines for liquid and semi-liquid products (2000)
Doc. 29 - Hygienic design of packing systems for solid foodstuffs (2004)

The Working Group is currently working on Doc. 46 on Aseptic and Hygienic Filling Machines.

Siurbliai, homogenizatoriai ir drėkinimo prietaisai

Ralf Stahlkopf
GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH, Germany
E-Mail: ralf.stahlkopfProtected mail-address@gea.com
Phone: +49 4155 49 25 78

Published Guidelines
Doc. 17 - Hygienic design of pumps, homogenizers and dampening devices (2013)


Angelika Ruhm
Freudenberg Process Seals GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
E-Mail: angelika.ruhmProtected mail-address@fst.com
Phone: +49 6201 80 8919 11

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.


Holger Schmidt
HS Consulting
E-Mail: kontakt@holgerschmidtconsulting.com

Published Guidelines
Doc. 37 - Hygienic Design and Application of Sensors (2007)

The Working Group is currently updating Doc. 37.


Reinhard Moss
GEA Westfalia Separator GmbH, Germany
E-Mail: reinhard.mossProtected mail-address@gea.com
Phone: +49 2522 77 25 71

Published GuidelinesDoc. 42 - Disc Stack Centrifuges - Design and Cleanability (2013)Click here to view additional Working Group information.

Rezervuarų valymas

Bo Boye Busk Jensen

Alfa Laval Tank Equipment A/S, Denmark
E-Mail: bobb.jensenProtected mail-address@alfalaval.com
Phone: +45 43 55 86 88

The experts team is currently working on a new guideline draft.

Testavimas / sertifikavimas

Andy Timperley
Timperley Consulting, United Kingdom
E-Mail: andy.timperleyProtected mail-address@tesco.net
Phone: +44 1789 49 00 81

The members of this Working Group are mainly the EHEDG authorized test institutes, representatives from the industry such as equipment manufacturers of food processing machinery and food producers as well as the representatives from related authorities.

The main task of this Working Group is the monitoring, update and further development of the EHEDG test methods. For further information please see Certification.

Published Guidelines
Doc. 2 - A method for assessing the in-place cleanability of food processing equipment (2007)
Doc. 5 - A method for the assessment of in-line sterilisability of food processing equipment (2004)
Doc. 7 - A method for the assessment of bacteria-tightness of food processing equipment (2004)
Doc. 16 - Hygienic pipe couplings (1997)
Doc. 19 - A method for assessing the bacterial impermeability of hydrophobic membrane filters (2012)


Ulf Thiessen
GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH, Germany
E-Mail: ulf.thiessenProtected mail-address@gea.com
Phone: +49 4155 49 27 09

Published Guidelines
Doc. 14 - Hygienic Requirements of Valves for Food Processing (2004)
Doc. 20 - Hygienic Design and safe use of Double-Seat Mixproof Valves (2000)

The Working Group is currently working on the update of Doc. 14 and 20.

Vandens tvarkymas

Dr. Anett Winkler
Mondelez International, Germany
E-Mail: anett.winklerProtected mail-address@mdlz.com
Phone: +49 89 6 27 38 62 10

Published Guidelines
Doc. 24 - The prevention and control of legionella spp. (including legionnaires' desease) in food factories (2002)
Doc. 27 - Safe storage and distribution of water in food factories (2004)
Doc. 28 - Safe and hygienic water treatment in food factories (2004)


Peter Merhof
GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH
E-Mail: peter.merhofProtected mail-address@gea.com
Tel. +49 4155 49 24 02

Published Guidelines
Doc. 9 - Welding Stainless Steel to meet Hygienic Requirements (1993)
Doc. 35 - Hygienic Welding of Stainless Steel Tubing in the Food Processing Industry (2006)